Welcome to KoT VOIP - the latest Vo3G solution! - voip.kots.us

Welcome to KoT VOIP - the latest Vo3G solution!

You've come to the right place if you want:

  • Dial Google Voice with any ATA and softphone.
  • Reliable income and out calls anywhere; behind NAT, firewall, proxy and even VPN.
  • Reliable Vo3G (VOIP over 3G). No battery drain and no missed calls.

I used SipSorcery for many years and loved it but Aaron refused to resolve some NAT (one-way audio) issues behind VPN and with some providers such as CallCentric, Nimbuzz etc. So I had to make my own one and I finally made it - KoT VOIP (King of Tweaks' VoIP). Other than enjoying it myself, I decided to offer it to the public.

And, you don't need to deal with complicated dialplan and other configurations. There is nothing more than filling in a form for you to setup on KoT VOIP.

With KoT VOIP, NAT pass through and one-way or neither-way audio is a thing of past.

  • My computer is connected to an OpenVPN server and this VPN connection is shared via Windows 7's ICS for my other devices including Obi200 and PAP2. You all know how bad ICS is for NAT pass through, but with KoT VOIP, no problem at all.
  • KoT VOIP does not do transcoding and relaying, so you won't experience delay like with Talkatone etc. KoT VOIP server is never over loaded and is always ready to process your calls.
  • My phone is connected to 3G through a very restricted proxy and a VPN above that, no problem at all.

KoT VOIP + Sipdroid finally do Vo3G.

  • My phone uses Sipdroid with KoT VOIP and battery drain is only 2% overnight with GMail and WeChat push enabled.
  • Receiving calls is totally reliable.
  • All other SIP apps drain battery too fast and/or cannot reliably receive calls. Sipdroid can be found free built with with G729 cedec - a must for Vo3G.

Note: Sipdroid has many issues such as loosing registration after a while, always connecting an incoming call while still showing as ringing and garbled voice with G729. I have fixed all these known issues.

What do you get:

  • Sets of 10 virtual numbers/lines, say, from 12345678831 to 12345678839 plus a master # 12345678830 (ending with a "0") for simultaneous ring.
  • Free unlimited calls from/to USA and Canada via Google Voice. Direct dialing - just dial any 11 digits to call, no special dialing or dialer required.
  • International calling via GV at about $0.01/min (using your GV credits).
  • You may add your own provider such as VoipDiscount for cheap International calling.
  • You may assign above 9 numbers to your ATAs and softphones for your family and friends, then you simply dial these numbers to reach each other.
  • Simultaneous ring. A call to the master # e.g. 123456789830 will ring your first two lines, i.e., both 12345678831 and 12345678832. E.g., when your parents call 12345678830, both you and your wife will get the call.
  • You can register multiple devices, such as a smartphone and a tablet, to the same line at the same time and they all get a ring when a call comes in.

What do you need:

  • Any ATA, such as PAP2, Obi100, Obi200, etc. or,
  • Any softphone, such as eyeBeam (PC), Sipdroid (Android), Nimbuzz, etc.
  • A Google Voice account (optional).
  • A VOIP calling service such as VoipDiscount etc. (optional).

Is it easy?

Yes, once registered a KoT account, you simply put these into your ATA or softphone:

  • Server: sip.kots.us
  • User: the line # (not the master # ending with 0 nor your account name)
  • Password: the password for the line (not the one for your account)

Then just dial:

  • 1-800-444-4444 (MCI phone # check)

[The followings need GV and/or GW setup, see the support page for details.]

  • 1-800-437-7950 MCI ANAC
  • 1-800-847-8929 NY Traffic
  • 1-408-647-4636 40-VOIP-INFO
  • 1-925-259-0082 or 1-909-390-0003 Echo Test
  • 011-86-400-666-8800 Apple China

Disclaimer: we bear no responsibility to this website and the Kot VOIP service. You use this service and this site at all your own risk! We reserve the right to not provide the service to anyone.