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International calls

To call countries other than USA and Canada, use this dialing pattern:

011-country code-number

For example, China is 86, so you call a China mobile # like this:


and Shanghai is 021, so you dial a China landline in Shanghai like this:


Note that there is no 0 before 21 and other area codes.

GV for International calls?

By default, this field is empty or filled with "no". When you dial a N/A number, the call goes through GV and adding 011 prefix makes it go through GW. For example, if you dial (1) 800-847-8929, the call goes via GV; if you dial 011-1-800-847-8929 or 011-86-21-61416222, they go through GW.

If you want all calls, even started with 011, go through GV, then fill "yes" in this field.

If you want all calls, including N/A numbers, go through GW, then fill in ",no". Note there is a comma "," before "no" and no space between. Then, (1) 800-847-8929, e.g, will use GW instead of GV.

If you want N/A calls go GW and International go GV, then fill in "yes,no". Then (1) 800-847-8929 goes to GW and 011-1-800-847-8929 goes to GV.

Pass-through GW dialing

If your dialing starts with a "*", the following digits, characters and symbols - anything you dialed, will be passed to the line's GW, without adding "00" or any prefix. For example, if you dial "*17775558888", then "17775558888" is sent to the GW. "*Bond007" is sent for "**Bond007".

If you have a paid account, you can even select which line to pass the dialed string to, by adding prefix "#" or "9" (instead of "*") and the line number. For example, "#217775558888" or "9217775558888" will be sent to line 2's GW as "17775558888".

When use these dialing patterns, whatever you dialed, minus prefix, are directly passed to the intended GW. It is subjected to you to add necessary prefix required by your service provider. For example, if your SP requires "00" for international dialing, then you should dial like this: "*00862161416222", "#200862161416222" or "#200862161416222".

Pick up one of gateways to call

If you have multiple VOIP service providers, you may define them as GW's in some or all your lines, up to 9. Then you may use any one of them to dial out. For example, if you have line 2 configured like this:

Then when you dial 012-86-21-61416222, the call will use line 2's GW, i.e.,, in above example. If you dial 013-######...##, the call will use line 3's GW. So on. If you dial 011-######..##, it is normal like before.

If you prefer to use your own dialing prefix, such as "9" other than "012", "013" etc., you can configure it in your ATA's dial plan. See Device Settings for details. Something like this:


Then, when your dialing starts with "9", it will be replaced by "012".

Reuse Google Voice and/or gateway account

For each of the 9 lines, you may simply input Google Voice and/or gateway accounts for its own, just like what you did with the first line. However, if you want to use a gateway that was already used on a line (e.g. 12345678891), then you put this line’s number into the "GW" name field, other than a normal proxy address (e.g.

This way, line 2 will use the same gateway defined in line1 for dialing out. You may also reuse a Google Voice account, by putting in the "GW name" field something like this:

This will allow line 2 to use the same GV account defined in line 1 for dialing out. Note that you still must fill in the same GV username, password and forward # in this line. There is a coma (",") before the line #.

If you want to reuse both GW and GV in another line, then you put both into the "GW name" field with a coma between them in the order of GW before GV. For example, the following allows line 3 to use line 2's GW and line 1's GV:

What if you want to reuse a GV account only and use a new GW in a line? Simple, just put in the proxy name, a coma and the GV line #. Note that you need to fill in all GW and GV account info:

Use multiple Google Voice and/or gateways

You may define more GWs and GVs in spare lines and use them in any line as described above. For example, you may define a GW and GV in line 7 and use them in line 5, and so forth.

Specify which line to receive calls from a gateway

By default, calls from a GW go to the line that has it; but you may specify another line to receive the calls. You simply add the line # after a comma in the "GW register? yes or no:" field like this: