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Technical Support

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First thing first, you need to register for a KoT account.  Don't forget your username and passwords, you need them to access your account.

Account Settings:

Once registered, login to your account and fill in at least your email address, then click the "Send" button. This will send a request for your account activation. Wait for a confirmation email, it may take some time, especially during off hours.

Once you receive an email with your master number w/o the last digit - something like 1234567883, without "#######", your VOIP account is ready and you can register your devices and softphones to KoT VOIP. If you don't receive the email, check your spam folder or simply log into your account to see if your master # is already assigned.


Register your devices and softphones:

You need to put the following info into your devices and softphones:

Register domain/proxy/realm:

If you want to use all codecs not just G729, you must register to port 5062 or 5061 instead of standard 5060.

Transport: TCP or UDP. Don't use UDP on mobile devices to save battery.

Username: the number of the line, such as 12345678831 for line 1 (never use your master # such as 12345678830, nor your account username such as johnsmith).

Password: the password for the line (not the one for your KoT account).

Once your device/softphone is registered successfully, you can dial 1 (800) 444-4444 and the call should go through.

You can find more details on devices and softphones.

Don't use a too short register interval value, like 1 minute or so, your device/softphone will be banned by KoT. Set it to at least 10 minutes, then use a short keepalive value for reliable inbound calls.

Google Voice:

Optionally, you can fill in your Google Voice account info, then you can place, in addition to receive, GV calls on your devices and phones. The GV forward # is usually your Ipkall or Callcentric #, forward them to:

or:, if you want to use more codecs than just G729.

replace "12345678831" with your line #.

If you still cannot get GV calls through, it is usually because Google saw access from a different location (where is located). You need to unlock the access. In a web browser login to your GV account, then in the same browser open this link:

If privacy is a concern, you may not provide your GV password. Then you can still receive GV calls and you can always place a call in a web browser. Privacy or convenience? your choice.

You can find a step-by-step guide on Google Voice setup.

Gateway (VoIP Service Provider):

You may also fill in your VoIP provider such as VoipDiscount, then you can use it as a gateway (GW) to make cheap international and local calls.

By default, when you dial a N/A number, the call goes through GV and 011 prefix goes through GW. For example, if you dial 1-800-847-8929, it goes via GV; if you dial 011-1-800-847-8929 or 011-86-21-61416222, they go through GW.

If you want all calls go through GV, then fill "yes" in the "GV for International calls?" field.

More dialing options can be found in the Tweaks page.


Supported Codec:

G729 only, when registered to port 5060. Make sure your devices and softphones have this codec enabled with the highest priority. This setup gives the most consistent calling experience.

PCMA,PCMU,G729,iLBC,GSM,speex and BV16, when registered to port 5062 or 5061.

Phone numbers for test:

Once your phone is registered successfully to KoT, you can dial:

1 (800) 444-4444 MCI phone # check

(The number below won't work before your GV is configured properly)

1-800-437-7950 MCI ANAC

1-800-847-8929 NY Traffic

1-408-647-4636 40-VOIP-INFO

1-925-259-0082 or 1-909-390-0003 Echo Test

(The number below won't work if you do not fill "yes" for "Use GV for International?" or configure a GW)

011-86-400-666-8800 Apple China

As you see, you must dial 1 for north America numbers and 011 for international calls. You may change or eliminate dialing prefix, even eliminate area code, see the device guide for details.


Call between KoT VOIP numbers:

A free account has only one line active with two virtual numbers: 123#######0 as a master # for group ring and 123#######1 as the active line.

No device can register to the master #, all devices and softphones register to your active line numbers.

If you need more lines, please use the donation buttons to send $10 or more for more lines for a whole year.


Simultaneously ring:

When the master #, 123#######0, is called, both 123#######1 and 123#######2 (your first two lines) will ring.

Multiple devices/softphones can register to the same line, such as 123#######1. When this # is called, all the devices/softphones will ring. This includes calls from your GV numbers and all DIDs that are forwarded to your line (e.g.

No, you cannot forward DIDs to your muster #, i.e., this won't work: Technically this is doable, but NAT issues arise; so I disabled it to guarantee perfect calling under any condition. This comes to why I made KoT VOIP: with other such services, phone calls had never been consistent. I've tried my very best to make this system as simple (and easy to configure) as possible with necessary features.

Note: older virtual numbers start with 1234 while newer ones start with 1123, both are 11 digits.