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I'm not having any luck using gateways on a spa3102
(nor an obi110.)

On a Spa3102 I have:
IGW3 setup with:
Gateway3: 12345678xx1@gv.voip01.com
GW3 Nat enable : no
gw3 auth id: 12345678xx1
gw3 password: (checked)

Can't this work? is any of it wrong?
Joe F
Published on 26.03.2014 22:17:30, from portland, or.
 Xing Zhao
Using Csipsimple in my Android Pad. Device registered to your server without issue, but when I dial 9664, it shows "488/not acceptable here".

Published on 23.03.2014 19:20:08, from San Jose, CA
Something funny.

I often dial 1-800-847-8929 to test the system. Yesterday, after I dialed this #, I heard strange female sound, I thought it was a codec issue, hang up, redialed the #, fine.

Today, I heard that strange sound again, then I realized it was porn talk! I double checked the # I dialed, it was 1-800-847-8928! What a happy mistake.
Published on 18.03.2014 16:52:13
 Sam Moats
I'm from CircleNet we're a VOIP termination company in the US and I'd like to talk to you about offering some expanded services using our termination products and to provide a GV alternative.
Published on 15.03.2014 10:42:10, from Virginia
DSLReports has a thread about this, and one guy says Norton is flagging this as a malicious web site: http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r29105314-General-Newbie-Q-Is-this-is-a-legit-solution-for-OBi-GV-after-May-
Published on 15.03.2014 09:46:00
Published on 12.03.2014 21:00:49
 User 1

另外,下了Sipdroid 2.4。 发现挺费电的,还有G729音质也糙,换其他Codecs则根本打不成。 请解惑。
Published on 08.03.2014 16:57:55
******Important Announcement******

Due to a change to add an option for not using GV for NA calls, you may need to login to your account and click the send button. This is necessary to regenerate properly the configuration files. Otherwise you may not be able to dial international calls via GV.

For details about this new option, please refer to the "Tweaks" page.

Thank you and sorry if this caused any inconvenience to you.
Published on 28.02.2014 01:21:42
不过有点小小遗憾,你目前系统强制1开头美加拨号走gv,011开头国际拨号走gw。有时候想美加拨号走gw(比如加拿大用户或者想spoof caller id)就不得不按0111xxx来拨号,很是麻烦。你可以考虑做小小改动,如果未设置gv账号,则所有呼叫走gw,反之亦然。这也方便通过gw支持比如sip url呼叫等。或者你有更好的想法。
Published on 27.02.2014 20:21:42
I am getting a lot of "channel congestion" when using this with a callcentric free NY number as the call back to GV. Any clues?
Joe F
Published on 27.02.2014 11:54:06, from pdx
Works great on obi100. However, can not make Sipdroid to work, get disconnected right away with error: "Codec incompatible". I did select G729 as "always try". Thanks!
Published on 26.02.2014 20:20:36
 John trytry
Does this work in Canada ?

Published on 26.02.2014 09:06:04, from Toronto Canada
Sean, Now I know why my outbound calls are not successful. I did not dial 1 in front of the 10 digit US and Canada numbers. That is a must ! Just a reminder for other KOT voip users.
Published on 25.02.2014 08:15:15
Published on 24.02.2014 21:21:34, from us
 Joe F
Hi again!
One last Q: I would like to use kot-voip as one of the
Gateway slots in a spa3102 or on the OBI.

Do you require registration? and have no accommodation for the way GW's log in on the fly?

I can successfully use the GW's with Future9, CallCentric and other providers.
Joe F
Published on 24.02.2014 10:38:48, from pdx
 Joe F
I could not use my xxx.info email address.

What do you have against .info domains? :-)
Published on 24.02.2014 09:11:51, from PDX
 Joe F
Had problems with sipsimple. can't hear party called.

So I switched to a SP2102 ( Clearwire box) and all works OK.

thanks for doing this.

Published on 24.02.2014 09:08:56, from Portland, OR
Published on 23.02.2014 13:17:19, from us
Sean, I tried the KOT account in Eyebeam softphone.
Incoming calls are Ok but outbound calls are not successful.
I dialed a few US and Canada numbers. All failed.
Published on 22.02.2014 12:12:08
老大, I tried to call out from line li8032 but the other end never ringing. Later I got a email from google saying that they prevent sign-in attempts. And they advice me to reset my Gmail password. I guess we have a problem with GV.
Published on 22.02.2014 11:19:24
I have a question for you. If I call out from obi100, does ipkall charge me? Can you explain how the outgoing calls work? Thank you!
Published on 21.02.2014 18:47:00
Password is invisible in KOT account settings. Can you change it to visible?
Published on 21.02.2014 16:21:35
Sean, password is displayed in :****. in KOT account settings. How can we know the real numbers ?
Published on 21.02.2014 16:19:22
老大, 我的OBI100 SP2 service status 总是显示Authentication error。我再三检查ProxyServer, username(line 1 number) and password. 都没有问题。请给个提示。我的SP1 GV 工作正常。我直接打ipkall听到忙音。谢谢!
Published on 20.02.2014 13:36:51
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