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with free accounts if your support two lines, gv direct dial out and another general sip, that will be perfect to me.
Published on 30.04.2014 16:57:09
i think there is something wrong with your registraton process, i just go through it

Published on 28.04.2014 01:18:41, from china
Hi bro,

I am trying to setup SP1 with kot.voip01.com to dial out using my GV number.

I am getting status:
SP1 Service Status
Parameter Name Value
Status Register Failed: 403 Forbidden (server=; retry in 23s) help
CallState 0 Active Calls help

I have SP2 registered with Callcentric to received all incoming GV calls forwarded from Callcentric.
SP2 Service Status
Parameter Name Value
Status Registered (server=; expire in 52s) help

SP2 works fine.

Can you please help me figure out what is wrong here?

Thank you,

Published on 27.04.2014 08:34:30
Register Failed: 401 Unauthorized

Published on 25.04.2014 15:37:43
The latest Sipdroid:

Published on 25.04.2014 12:34:29
*** System Announcement ***

Thank you for your support, new users have been flooding in. I reduced debug and log level, you should see a big improvement on call connection lag.
Published on 24.04.2014 10:19:20

I cannot use GV call out. Apparently Google is preventing my account sing-in by your

IP Address

I did try the "DisplayUnlockCaptcha". But it doesn't work for me.
Published on 23.04.2014 22:20:40
在我的手机上装的那个软件csipsimple里设定了你提到的那些资料,也成功登录。但是试打9664.总是提示call in progress。然后一闪就没有了。打自己家的电话,有通讯声音,但家里电话没反应。求解惑。谢谢
Published on 22.04.2014 21:21:19
In my Obihai talk site, the register failed: 403, forbidden. I am unable to make a phone call at this moment. Please help. I have followed your instruction exactly.
Published on 20.04.2014 10:44:08
I was able to connect my Obi100 to KOT, and dialing 9195 (delayed echo) works on Obi100. However, when I point my IPKall to gvxxxxxxxxx@gv.voip01.com:5080, dialing IPKall from another phone immediately hears busy tones and Obi100 does not ring. My CallCentric pointing to KOT doesn't work either. If I point IPKall or CC directly to my Obi100, calling them rings my Obi100 without problems. What could be wrong? Is there any diagnosis for the connection from IPKall/CC to KOT? Thank you very much.
Published on 16.04.2014 22:01:21
 Gary Liu
求指点!用KoT VOIP的设置在Obi110改后,说是要Reboot, 但Reboot后都丢失了.请
Published on 11.04.2014 05:46:46
I would like to donate $10 for excellent service.

But what exactly is 1-yr paid service ?

Published on 09.04.2014 13:10:36, from White Plains, NY
Not sure if anyone else met this problem. I used Obi100 and IPKALL, followed the instruction. Everything works fine, except one thing. When I am on the phone, if someone else calls in, there is an announcement pop up and ask to press 1 to answer the call. Yes, it does work if I want to talk to the new caller. However, there is no option to ignore the new caller and send it to voicemail. Not sure where the problem is, IPKALL, GV or my Obi set up? Any one has the same experience can help? Thanks,
Published on 09.04.2014 08:46:59, from Illinois
IpKall响应快, CC能正确显示incoming caller ID.
然后在GV设置只forward到CC # 。
但GV的Phone to call with 选成IpKall #。
在kot.voip01.com上设 GV forward # 为 IpKall#。
Published on 09.04.2014 07:16:20
谢谢您的无私分享,请问如果我用obi100打google voice,还要填GW的信息的,如果要,该填写什么?我申请了callcentric.com的号码来转接gv的来电。谢谢!
Published on 08.04.2014 12:25:46
KOT 要求G729 codec. 以下几个softphone都可以用G729。
3.1 Zoiper,7.99英镑, G729好像是Zoiper的专利。
3.2 NimBuzz 免费
3.3 iPhytter, 在player store 标价$4.99, 但我用应用宝装的没收费。
3.4 CSipSimple,$10.75。
3.5 SipDroid, 需要DIY。
本人安照KOT的instuctions 把G729加到最新的SipDroid3.4beta,也不难。
Published on 08.04.2014 09:18:43
1. 打电话给GV号码,不论是转到IpKall还是CC,接电话后,打电话的一方一直听到响铃声,不能通话。用Gtalk 可以接通。但这个问题不仅voip01有,用CC直接接也一样。

2.SipDroid在WiFi断掉再回复时联不上voip01,退出重启就能马上联上。 用NimBuzz没有这样的问题。
Published on 05.04.2014 08:59:56
***New feature: pass-through GW dialing***

"*": will pass the dialed number to the line's GW without adding 00 or any prefix. For example, *17775558888 will send out 17775558888.

"#" or "9": will pass the dialed number to a specific line. For example, #217775558888 or 9217775558888 will send 17775558888 to line 2.

See updated Tweaks page for more details.
Published on 04.04.2014 21:13:57
因为通信录里打不分时10位号码,有些app (比如NimBuzz)强加前缀+1。
Published on 04.04.2014 10:58:58, from US
****** A new feature - dial through multiple providers ******

I have added this new feature. Now you can use prefix 012, 013, ..., 019 to dial the provider defined in line 2, 3, ..., 9. If you prefer your own prefix, say, 61 instead of 012, you can configure it in your ATA's dial plan, something like this:


See the updated Tweaks page for more details:

Published on 02.04.2014 23:54:42

比如:有没有什么东西从Google Play里直接download, 然后Install?


Published on 01.04.2014 14:52:17
Published on 01.04.2014 08:11:21, from US
Hi, Thanks for starting KOT and the straightforwardness of setup. I have also been using Sipsorcery for years and like it alot however the cost has beome too much when i make about half a dozen calls a week. I have 4 providers so really like the Sipsorcery dial-plan where i direct the call to the provider with the cheapest cost depending which country code i dial. Do you think you might ever have a "slightly advanced" tab where we could add more providers and some boxes in the main config where i could add 'send to "providerX" if # starts with "61" etc ? This would mean it would do everything i have needed for the last 7 years.
Published on 30.03.2014 08:08:03
我的line id是12345677601。我用ipkall的number,用localphone作为sip provider。已经把ipkall的number添加到google voice的转发号码了。有以下问题请教:

1. GW这里应该填ipkall的信息,还是localphone的信息
2. GV forward #是google voice的number还是ipkall的number
Published on 27.03.2014 15:01:26
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