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I run Asterisk and an ata.

I am getting codec rejected with "488 Not Acceptable Here". Then my phone rings right after. Answer it and the call drops. I have g711 set - on the ata and Asterisk g711 only and no secondary choices. Why I configured it this way is I had trouble with another carriers proxy that rejected calls because other nonsupported codecs were in the mix as second choices.

Regardless g711 is the defacto and should not be rejected.

18004444444 works.

Earlier I figured if I route the Ipkall number directly to my Asterisk system, calls would ring up on an alternate line, I could answer and talk normally, and just hang up the original ringing line.

Note to verify the Ipkall number with Google voice, I could only get it to ring if I routed the Ipkall directly to Asterisk. The Kot server could never ring it and verify.

Everything is verified with a softphone.
Published on 17.05.2014 16:40:28
i registered my kotvoip account to obi110, 1+N/A numbers go to gv, for calls to other countries i want to use gw, i have to dial * to use gw, it seems that obi110 does not allow me to dial *+numbers, how to solve it, i use free kot voip account, pls help
Published on 17.05.2014 01:18:08
KOT + GV does not work.

Registered a new KOT account, followed all the instructions on this site. I 1) installed SipDroid+G729 on my Android, SIP using KOT, green light indicating good connection, however, no dial tone when dialing from SipDroid. Phone didn't ring either; 2) installed eyeBeam on Win7, SIP using KOT, eyeBeam said "Ready" in its UI, however, test dialing with no tone either and no ring on the phone.

What's wrong with KOT?
Published on 16.05.2014 19:08:43
I try setting up an account. There is never an email. Tried three email accounts. Checked spam folders.
Published on 16.05.2014 06:00:49
 Frank Sun
I still cannot dial out or receive calls. I have sp1 registered with gv.voip01.com:5060. Do I have to configure anything in linksys router and the obi phone?

I tried to follow device setting information, they dont have one for obi100. Please help.
Published on 15.05.2014 19:49:12
我用obi110,在第2步遇到问题,obi显示已经Registered (server=
但是,用softphone/device试打1-800-444-4444 MCI phone显示“gethostbyname()
has returned error (PJ_ERESOLVE)”不能呼叫,有人遇到同样情况吗。
Published on 14.05.2014 09:41:04
 Jeff Shu
I can set up my OBi200 box on any SP, but the same settings I copied to my OBi110 box in Taiwan doesn't work. It says "Register Failed: No Response From Server" Can you help? My account with KOT VOiP is hsiaoshueh, thanks.
Published on 13.05.2014 14:13:42, from USA
Hi, Sean, I have been using KOT for a couple of days and it is very good. Thanks a lot. This morning, however, I found some problems to connect to some 800 free numbers (such as 800-544-5315, 877-662-7447). I got the message: "the number is rejected by the service provider, reason 503). There seems no problem to connect to other numbers or 800 New York Traffic checking number you provided. If I switched my Obi100 from KOT to Google Voice as Primary Line for Outgoing Calls channel and called those numbers again, It was fine. So, what is the problem? Thanks.

Please note, I sent this message to you a moment ago, but it came out with an error. So I sent it again.
Published on 12.05.2014 11:12:06, from Orange County, CA
tried nimbuzz, every thing is set up correct, also can connect gv.voip01.com, but no sound when dial 9664. please tell do i need configure my router? such as port or domaon?


9664 music
9195 delayed echo
9196 instant echo
9170 current time
9171 current date
9172 current date and time
Published on 11.05.2014 21:17:55
Is it allowed to register my kot voip sip
1123456xxxx@gv.voip01.com at two different location?
Published on 11.05.2014 17:27:43
***System Announcement***

Keepalive has been added on the server side:

Published on 11.05.2014 12:44:21
 Finally got SP1 on obitalk registered. But still cannot receive or call out.
Finally on sp1, I saw it is registered with gv.voip01.com with my phone number provided by kot.voip1.com.

However when I try to test it with 9175 or those numbers, I heard nothing. But my phone does have dial tone. What should I do now?
Published on 10.05.2014 07:40:32
I have problem with using TCP with my Obi100 yesterday - each outbound call only last 32 seconds. After switching back to default UDP last night, my problem went away. But since this morning, all outbound calls were dropped right around being connected.

There is no setting change from last night to today. Any idea?

Published on 09.05.2014 21:46:57
 Frank Sun
Callcentric incoming call rejected with following message:

On 05/09/2014 your account received phone calls on one or more of your phone numbers that were rejected because there were not enough channels available to receive the call within your phone number; this is known as congestion.

Each phone number you purchase includes a specific number of simultaneous inbound channels (or calls); when this is exceeded you will not receive the call and it will be sent to a busy signal or an error message; depending on your settings which may be changed here. For some phone number products you may purchase additional channels to prevent congestion from happening.

Below is a summary of the number of congested calls during 05/09/2014:

Phone number Total Channels Number of congested calls
1845470xxx 3 2

I thought incoming call from callcentric is free. How to get unlimited free calls from CC?
Published on 09.05.2014 19:34:30
 Frank Sun
After a while, the sp1 message on obitalk dashboard is this:

Register Failed: 403 Forbidden.

How do I fix this issue?[icon_sad]
Published on 09.05.2014 12:01:40, from USA
 Frank Sun
I got issue to configure obitalk on my obi100 device. Is this right? I got register failed: no response from server.

SP1 Generic Service Provider Register Failed: No Response From Server.

Can somebody help here?

Published on 09.05.2014 11:26:29
 Frank Sun
How do I find out my kot account number, it seems showing like this: 1123xxxxxx.

Published on 09.05.2014 08:05:31, from USA
Published on 08.05.2014 13:22:08
My android - zoiper configured the "voip01" and tested ok with ext:9172 current date and time.

Now, I added the DID forwarding under my Callcentric:
gv1123456????@gv.voip01.com:5080 and Zoiper never ring when I called my Callentric phone number. Any idea?

Note: I got no problem if I change the Callcentric DID forwarding to my own asterisk server.
Published on 08.05.2014 00:24:59, from HK
Just found today, there is something wrong with TCP. All outbound calls were cut out in 32 seconds according to Obi-100 log.

In coming calls are OK. Switching back to Obi Proxy Server Transport default UDP, problem goes away.
Published on 06.05.2014 19:39:44
***New Announcement***

More codecs added including G711

Published on 06.05.2014 13:10:11
Is there any issue or configuration change around 1:30 PM (PST). My phone (behind Obi-100) rings every 4 minutes science then. Displayed phone number and caller ID is 100/100.

I disabled DID Forwarding on Call Concentric. Thus, there is for sure no outside call coming in.

Please take a look.
Published on 05.05.2014 18:24:15
do you manually copy GV account information from the account management system to you pbx account or the account management system directly connect pbx account and set up it?
Published on 03.05.2014 19:23:35
我用OBI 100,前两天设置好以后一直工作。从今天早上起,"Register Failed: No Response From
Server"。 能ping到gv.voip01.com。
换回google voice到SIP1正常。换回KOT偶尔有一次能register上。能帮着看一下什么原因吗?
Published on 01.05.2014 08:42:43
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