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Is 2-Step Verification Google Voice doesn't work with KOTS server? I using 2-Step Verification everywhere without problem, but not with KOTs server.
Published on 13.01.2015 07:36:15
If I dialed 1 (800) 444-4444 caller ID not showing properly,
it showing IdeaSIP: (404) 937-2822.
What am I doing wrong?
Published on 12.01.2015 14:28:18
 Joe F
The sub-menus under "Support" are not working.
Published on 01.12.2014 12:02:35, from pdx
我的用的voiper,开始安卓手机上注册成功了,第二天显示登陆失败, request timeout 408, 账号密码没有问题,在电脑的eyebeam 客户端就可以注册上,手机上不行。
Published on 24.11.2014 22:46:38
 Mohamed Erfan
I forgot my username and password for my accounts my primary number is 11234565991 appreciate your assistance
sincere thanks and best regards
M Erfan
Published on 24.11.2014 00:07:00, from VA
Hi,it seems that you are using Pygooglevoice for GV callback.Could you please tell how to set up pyGV?I've tried some fixes on the pyGV issue page,but still it won't work.
Published on 28.09.2014 12:14:47
I followed the setup steps and added google voice account.
When I am using CSipSimple app or other softphone, I can dial out US number fine (i.e. getting another call back on softphone).
I setup my account settings(1134563791) on Linksys PAP2 and inbound calling is working fine.
I am having issue with my outbound call on ATA.
When I dial out on phone connected to ATA, call can't get connected.
How can I diagnose the problem?
Any help is much appreciated
Published on 04.09.2014 12:00:01
我有一个非常规的使用KOT的需求:将GV回拨的号码设成可以免费接听的电话号码,这样GV回拨不会返回到KOT。目前KOT以及我的拨号app会一直等待GV回拨, 能不能改成5秒内等不到GV回拨就结束等待。
Published on 28.08.2014 13:00:01, from US
My phone was hang up during conversation. I checked and found that the KOT connection register failed:

Register Failed: No Response From Server (server=; retry in 26s)

Is your server down? Thank you
Published on 04.08.2014 21:01:25
Hi. I signed up and I can dial 800-444-4444 fine, and I can do a callback using the web interface fine on google.com/voice and my phone rings and I can answer and it connects.

However, when I just dial 18004377950, I wait for about 30 seconds and then the Obi 200 tells me that it received no response from the service provider.

Can you help? I suspect it has something to do with google 2-factor auth, but I created an app password for your site and used that as the password in the web interface. I followed the google voice guide, but of course this is the last step. All the preceding steps worked fine.

Published on 02.08.2014 11:37:54, from Texas
My phone has been working since April this year (Obihai 110 and Router Actiontech from Verizon). Just about a week ago, my phone can make the phone call, but sometimes it cannot receive the calls (not always). I have followed your instructions and checked everything that you have mentioned in your tech support, however, I still have this issue unresolved. Your help is really appreciated.

Best regards
Published on 31.07.2014 20:25:19, from USA
I set up the account as directed and my obi can now receive and place calls. However, when placing the calls, the line will be automatically disconnected in one or two minutes. And my account will receive a message from callcentric.com:
On 07/17/2014 your account received phone calls on one or more of your phone numbers that were rejected because there were not enough channels available to receive the call within your phone number; this is known as congestion.

Each phone number you purchase includes a specific number of simultaneous inbound channels (or calls); when this is exceeded you will not receive the call and it will be sent to a busy signal or an error message; depending on your settings which may be changed here. For some phone number products you may purchase additional channels to prevent congestion from happening.

Below is a summary of the number of congested calls during 07/17/2014:

Phone number Total Channels Number of congested calls
16316067196 3 2

could you please help?

Published on 26.07.2014 12:54:26, from TN
 Jeff Shu
My account is 11234561261, but I can't log in now. Is there any problem with my account? Thanks.
Published on 25.07.2014 10:29:43, from USA
How can I make the phone to display caller ID after I implement your method for making the phone call using GV? Thanks.
Published on 13.06.2014 21:22:18
Can you please introduce how to set and use ATA(obhai100) and router in China? I have an Obihai 100 set according to your instruction and everything is Ok in the States.But it could not call out or receive calls in China. So there must be some tricks to avoid voip blocking by service providers in China.

Published on 07.06.2014 11:36:35
Published on 07.06.2014 09:51:20
我用的是linksys SPA3102,连在路由器后面。按照指南设置好服务器、账号密码后,但是不能成功register。设成TCP,显示not registered;如果设成UDP,registration显示failed。请问可能是什么原因?
Published on 07.06.2014 04:37:57
Can receive calls, but not making calls. I am using: KOT + CallCentric + Nimbuzz(Android). Applied a new number in CallCentric, set DIDforwarding as: gv11xxx1@sip.kots.us:5080. Successfully added and verfied CallCentric number in GV (using Nimbuzz to receive calls and verify). However, when making calls, Nimbuzz always shows: connecting... Do you know why? I've tried some other SIP clients on Android. None can dail out.
Published on 06.06.2014 20:11:12
Is there a target date for the end of kot.voip01.com???

I have a user that I can't get access to their router/ata box to change the setting and was wondering when I can expect a call from them about it not working anymore. :-)
Joe F
Published on 05.06.2014 10:38:49, from pdx
 Xing Zhao
在iPhone上使用Join softphone,设置没有任何问题,也可以通话, 但是每次到1分48秒就断。显示是Remote Ended. 包括打18004444444也是如此。我试过UDP和TCP,都是完全一样。 能问问有什么建议吗?

如果这个App不行, 能否推荐一个在kot测试过的iPhone的APP?

Published on 31.05.2014 17:34:39
I'm a new user. I entered the GV user id and password yesterday on my account. However I still cannot make outgoing calls. No ring tone.

The incoming call works great. I can also make call to 18004444444 (after I disabled all audio codec other than G729 in Sipdroid).

I followed the steps in the GV setup instruction.

What can be wrong?

Note initially I did not input the GV password when I registered my account a couple days ago. Yesterday I changed the GV user id and entered the GV password so that I hope I can make calls out.

Thank you for your help!
Published on 30.05.2014 10:39:30, from US
I can only go to your site only through VPN. Could you please look at the problem so I can log in. Thanks
Published on 26.05.2014 18:37:04, from Illinois
我的问题是,可以打进打出, 但打出通话28秒左右就自动挂断了.还请多指教.
Published on 20.05.2014 19:34:17
我的帐号现在是收不到。试着用手机直接拨ipkall的号码, 是忙音。

Published on 17.05.2014 17:44:00
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