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Sorry, I did not realize that Gmail made all the email notifications disappeared. Now works fine after changed to another email provider.
Published on 09.08.2019 09:39:48
It would be nice to use a publicly trusted certificate for the service.

Acme.sh can get a free one and automatically renew
Published on 09.08.2019 09:02:50
Hi Guys,
Is it possible to make Google voice calls now with KOTS account registered here?[pensar]
Published on 09.03.2019 09:12:06
I can receive phone calls, but can't make calls, Does somebody have the same problem with me?
Published on 05.03.2019 17:55:40
it is not working since 2 days ago, pls check
Published on 08.01.2018 02:46:10
I donated under an email address that was not my KOTS userid. How can I link my donation to my account?
Published on 01.09.2017 18:48:46
I can't pick up the incoming phone call,
does some one who has the same problem?
Published on 11.04.2017 05:32:22
Tomorrow is May 1st and end of the line for ipkall. I'm hoping to see some activity here and a workaround to convert those of us already set up with ipkall to an alternative solution such as perhaps a free DID with callcentric - in a way that doesn't require a start from scratch complete overhaul. Right off the back I'm thinking all one need do is get another DID and forward our GV number to that, then log into our KOTS account and make a change or two in the SIP settings, and I'm guessing the DID needs to somehow be associated with the kots server somehow. Waiting........
Published on 29.04.2016 08:30:16, from houston tx
The May 1st deadline is rapidly approaching when the ipkall.com service will supposedly come to a screeching halt, I use one of their free DID's to make this work, as I'm sure others do. I signed up for a free DID from ipcomms but it is not reliable, at all, sad to say. I see there are instructions to do this with a free DID from callcentric so that may be the way to go if or when the time comes.I'm hoping our most excellent KOTS host will perhaps post the procedure needed for those of us who have been depending on the ipkall number to make this work, how this all works is hard for me to comprehend and connect the dots sometimes. Is anyone else that is also using an ipkall DID sort of in the same boat?
Published on 26.04.2016 21:44:45, from Texas
i can receive phone calls, but can't making calls, somebody have the same problem with me?
Published on 04.04.2016 17:48:33
Is anybody else having problems making calls? A couple days ago, I couldn't make or receive calls, everything has worked for nearly a year now, I figured it was a temporary glitch in the matrix. When the problem persisted, I rebooted my grandstream ATA device. No joy. I went to google.com/voice to check everything, there was a pop up wanting me to acknowledge that hangouts was now available, I dispactched with that and checked all my other settings, all seemed well, my google voice number is still forwarded to my ipkall number. Coincidence or not, I was able to start receiving incoming calls again. from a remote phone, calling either my gv number or my ipkall number will ring the phone on my desk connected to my gradnstream ATA, so all good again with the incoming calls. Outgoing calls still not happening, I dial a phone number and am met with eternal silence on the line. Don't know what else to do or try, as I've changed nothing. Logged into my ATA and I am 'registered' okay. Nothing has changed on my end, but outgoing calls simply no longer work. Anyone experiencing similar happenings or have any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.
Published on 27.03.2016 14:28:19, from houston tx
I don't know what to do when IPKALL will shut down on May 1 since it is what I use along with google voice and the service here along with my Grandstream ATA and everything has been working very well for at least a year now. I'm thinking I could get a free DID at ipcomms and then go through the setup procedure all over again, but this time, using my ipcomms DID and service and set up with that, I'm thinking that SHOULD work? Any thoughts on this anyone? Has anyone succesfully used IPCOMMS yet for this service?
Published on 03.03.2016 08:51:47, from Houston, Texas
I really REALLY appreciate this free service, it's worked almost flawlessly with my GV number and my Grandstream ATA for nearly a year now!!! Sadly, just got the word that IPKALL is shutting down in May. Without IPKALL anymore, will there be a workaround, or is that the end of it?
Published on 16.02.2016 18:40:17, from Houston TEXAS
It has worked like a charm but today when I tried to register a new line for a friend. I can only receive calls but couldn't make calls through GV. Now it wouldn't even register with KOT server. From CSipSimple, I got either timeout or forbiden error. Is it because of too many frequent registration attempts or something wrong on my end?

Published on 27.10.2015 21:34:48
Very sorry for not being here for so long. I used to receive a notification email when a new message is posted here, but some how I have not received any. I'll try to answer old questions while solving the emailing problem.
Published on 26.10.2015 11:24:53
Is this still working with GV? I tried both unlocked BasicTalk and CSipSimple. Neither worked. Even without GV the incoming call with IPKALL did not go through. Please help.

Published on 21.10.2015 17:56:23
Well, I was just about to send out an S.O.S. for a problem that happened today, but it seems to be resolved, so I'll share the experience in case it may help someone else.

Brief summary of what I have - a Grandstream 2 line ATA model HT-502 connected to LAN 3 of my router and configured for kots, google voice, and ipkall number.

Same identical user/line and pwd for FX1 and FX2 (line 1 and line2). About 3 or 4 days now of everything working flawlessly :) :) :)

Today, Line 1 was not registered, although line 2 was, I noticed it when only one of my phones rang and verified it by logging into the Grandstream's web interface at

Now there are 2 events that may or may not have had anything to do with this. My DSL went down (a rare event but we've had thunderstorms) and my DSL modem rebooted to get a new IP. So shut of the ATA for a few minutes and repowered, still no registration on Line 1. How curious!!!

The night before I was using Line 2 and a call came in on line 1, and I picked it up and heard a recording 'to accept the call, press 1', not knowing what was going on and thinking it was a google screening something or another, I simply hung up. I have not had that happen before and it seemed weird, but afaik last time I checked I do not have google screening in play or two step verification or any of that stuff, and there's been no problems anyway.

So I don't know if either of those 2 events cause line one to not register. Then right before I started to post here, on a whim, I killed my DSL modem, router, and ATA device power and gave it a couple of minutes, then powered up in sequence the DSL modem, then router, and then ATA, now both line 1 and line 2 are registered and working fine.

Perhaps someone could explain to me more about this. It just seem to me that registering multiple devices or FX lines to the same SIP user and password would be a good idea or even work, but it DOES say on the main page here to register your user/passwd to multiple devices and they will 'ring' simultaneously. Do problems arise when they are USED simultaneously ? Or were these just coincidental happenings?

Published on 25.04.2015 15:17:54, from houston
Oh!!! I just remembered the 'other thing' that was stopping google dead in it's tracks, and I think the answer was right here on this website, when kots tries to log into google, google will throw a 'captcha' at it, which of course you can't see or know about, and by rereading and following the directions I had skimmed past I was able to fix that by logging into google, opening another tab and clicking on the link to fix the problem. After that, everything was relatively smooth sailing, just thought I'd mention it since I couldn't remember earlier, and at the risk of repeating myself, read read read read everything on this site, and read then read it again :)
Published on 22.04.2015 20:40:35, from houston
well day 2 of uptime with gv -> kots -> ipkall -> grandstream HT-502 ATA and smooth sailing so far, and saving $26 a month I could no longer afford from my paid VOIP service.

All seems well, inbound as well as outbound calls, I have a couple of observations / questions.

When placing an outbound call, it takes a full 8 or 9 seconds after dialing before the other party's phone rings. Considering what is going on behind the scenes, I guess that should not be too surprising.

I do miss my speed dialing that I had for calling my friends and frequent numbers, is there something I don't know about how that can be done with google voice and/or my Grandstream ATA ? I've pretty much resigned to memorizing phone numbers and having a printed paper list on hand, but speed dialing would certainly be a welcome ammenity :)

On my old VOIP provider, my caller ID unit would show there was a message waiting, a red light would be flashing on my 2 line IBM phone, and I'd get a studder tone when I picked up the handset and I'd dial *21 to check messages. Of course with GV I get an email notification and even a 'tran scrption' and audio, which is a nice touch, but the way it was done before was okay with me.

Finally, this being a 2 line ATA, I did set up line 2 (FX2) with the exact same number login and password as line 1 (FX1) as I read and read reread the instructions and it seemed to indicate that setting the same user-line / pwd info on multiple SIP clients/devices was okay. Seems to be no problems, but I haven't really tried using both lines at once, could you, Mr. Kot-Voip expand on how that works and what to expect, and assure me what I am doing is safe and okay? Is this what some voip companies refer to as a 'cloned' line? If I am on line one, and another call comes in, will it go to GV mail, or will it ring on my line 2 (that would be awesome), in effect, making line 2 a rollover type line, but also able to be used independently (???????)

Again, I really really REALLY appreciate the hard work and dedication put into this, and I'm just so amazed at the whole SIP VOIP thing and how it has really changed everything in just a few short years.

I'm still learning, my ambition is to figure and install asterisk on a dedicated Slackware Linux box, and a dialer such as gnudialer or vicibox and run a small at-home mini one to five person 'call center' to do my fundraising to help disabled veterans, which is what I currently do by manually dialing, working from home. Some phone numbers are not local to me, hence the need for a line other than my landline with no long distance capability, plus, having VOIP gives me a certain degree of isolation I don't have with my landline.

Published on 22.04.2015 20:20:39, from houston
Oh!!! I forgot to mention this in my other posting. Google Voice gave me a FIT with two issues!!! First, I would seemingly dial out (with Ekiga softphone) and nothing would happen. I would then get an email from google, 'someone tried to access your google account, you must change your password!!" I went through about 4 password changes and finally found the setting, 'allow less secure devices to access your google account', so that settled that. There was something else in my Google Account I had to tweak, I can't remember right now, but that issue was a real show stopper until I figured it out!!!!!! :)
Published on 21.04.2015 23:08:55, from houston

First, a big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this service !!!!! It took 3 days, step by step, trial and tribulation, but I got it. To those who are stumbling, I can't stress enough to READ READ READ everything posted on this website. Then read it some more !!!!!

I've had my gv number for some years actually, and 2 friends have Obihai ATA's that work with that, and I was on the verge on buying an Obihai. I ran across this site and thought I'd give this a try first. I've had much more bad luck than good with SIP, using mostly linux SIP clients such as X-lite, Zoiper, and Ekiga, and I had fair luck using Ekiga and ipkall for incoming calls, so I started this venture with linux Ekiga, a rather old version.

I signed up, got my master and line number, and got Ekiga to register, off to a good start. My old IpKall number expired, so I got a new one. Then I fiddled about with ekiga, kots.us, gv, and my ipkall number for the better of a day and a half. At first, I could only dial the 8004444444 number outbound from ekiga, but I kept reading and kept fiddling, and FINALLY I was able to outbound dial with ekiga, and it would ring my landline, I pick up the phone, and then gv would be dialing the number I dialed, success!!! I was having a fit with my Ipkall number, so I got another one, and then I had success with it.

Once I got to that point, I turned my attention to my Grandstream ATA I had from a voip provider I can no longer afford - they've made plenty of money from me over the last 7 years, it's been paid for many times over IMHO. I got their pdf manual and researched, e.g., googled, how to 'unlock' it. I did the reset process with a paper clip and rebooted it to get to factory default. Now, it was on a LAN port of my router, the LAN of my router going to it's WAN port and logging in that wasn't going to happen. Then, I took it into my other room with slackware linux running on it, and hooked the grandstreams LAN to the ethernet card on the slackware machine, and in slackware ran the dhcpcd daemon and low and behold I had an IP of !!! How exciting!!! I logged in with the default user/pwd in the manual, and cleared out it's config file server path, set it to allow WAN side log in, saved, updated, rebooted, rechecked, all looked good !!!

Took it back to my main machine and put it back on LAN 3 on my router. After rebooting my router it obtained an IP and I could log in!!! Then I simply put in the kots server info and my line number and password, just like I did in Ekiga, applied, updated. I turned my attention to my ailing ipkall number and eventually got that verfied with google voice. The rest was easy, receiving calls was no problem, but when I made a call, it would ring my landline, I'd pick up the receiver, and then hear the party I called being dialed, and they'd answer. Finally I figured out it was not only my gv settings, but I had to come back to my kots settings and change the forwarding number to my (now working) ipkall number!!!! Did lots of testing, calling friends, they'd call me, calling my cellphone, and vice versa, everything is solid !!! After reading again on the kots website I could configure a second device with the same line number, I then configured line 2 on my Grandstream ATA. Results, I now have TWO functioning lines on my ATA!!! How happy can one man be!!!!

Published on 21.04.2015 22:52:13, from houston
I never received the email with the master number after registration so I'm not able to complete the sign up. Please advise. Thanks
Published on 09.04.2015 06:25:45, from USA
i tested call out to 18004444444 yesterday fine, however today it's not working. on zoiper I get network busy. Is server down?
Published on 11.03.2015 20:02:03
Hi! I register successfully (11234559999) but it seems that the GW doesn't work. No calls go through. IP/user/pass are correct though. Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks Ben
Published on 07.03.2015 05:00:03
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